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Pan Ocean

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Pan Ocean

Pan Ocean is the leading break bulk carrier for steel, timber and plywood products from the Far East (specifically South-East Asia) to Europe.

The Port of Antwerp is hereby considered as the main North-European port. Other ports are also being called, such as Flushing, Rotterdam and Liverpool.
Based on enough cargo inducement, their vessels often call the Mediterranean ports:
- Spain: Bilbao, Sagunto, Tarragona and Alicante
- Portugal: Leixoes
- Italy: Ravenna, Porto Marghera

For this trade, STX Pan Ocean generally employs handymax - and panama-sized bulk carriers to transport these vast quantities of cargo. Because of the importance of this service, our office accommodates two STX representatives, one who is following up all port and operational matters and one for all claim matters, within Europe.

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